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Archive Articles

Archive articles taken from the annual Friends of the Ted Ellis Trust newsletter

The Flood Plain at Wheatfen Roy Baker and David Nobbs
The Osprey is Getting Closer George Batchelor
Wheatfen Pollen Survey 2001 - part 1 Heather Binney
Wheatfen Pollen Survey 2001 - part 2 Heather Binney
Blame it on the Dutch! Eddie Claessens
Noise Annoys Gordon Edgar
Botanical Discoveries No.4 (2002) Bob Ellis
Botanical Discoveries No.5 (2003) Bob Ellis
Orange Balsam Impatiens capensis - Bob Ellis
A Special Place John Ellis
The Secret of Eel Island Charlie Gauvain Producer
Dr. Joyce Lambert Martin George
A Guide To Wheatfen In Summer Rodger Goodrick
Rodger's Ramble Rodger Goodrick
A Volunteer's View Rodger Goodrick
Wheatfen Magic Rodger Goodrick
Seed to Seed Prof. Nicholas Harberd
Lowestoft RSPB Group Visit Margaret Jay
Back to the Future Dan Hoare
Broadland Flood Alleviation Project Dan Hoare
Water Plant Surveys at Wheatfen Dan Hoare
Grey Squirrel – and other aliens Bill Howell
What’s That at Wheatfen? Dick Meadows
Warden's Wildlife Report 2002 David Nobbs
Warden's Wildlife Report 2003 David Nobbs
Warden's Wildlife Report 2004 David Nobbs
Warden's Wildlife Report 2005 David Nobbs
Warden's Wildlife Report 2006 David Nobbs
Warden's Wildlife Report 2007 David Nobbs
Wheatfen's Spiders David Nobbs
Wheatfen's Wetland Mammals David Nobbs
Wheatfen's Woodland Mammals David Nobbs
A view from an exile in Cornwall Jane Waites
BTO's 75th Heronries Census Paul Westley
Birding Snapshots 2002 Paul Westley
Predictions and Quails Paul Westley
14th March 2003 Paul Westley
Spiders? Ugh! Susan Wooden
Butterflies at Wheatfen Angela Woodrow
Swallowtail Day 2002 Angela Woodrow