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Swallowtail Day 2002 Angela Woodrow

A successful Swallowtail Day was held on 16th June in conjunction with Butterfly Conservation, when we were delighted to welcome visitors from Cumbria, London, Wiltshire, Somerset, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire as well as those from closer to home.

The day started dull and not at all promising as displays and stalls were set up in the garden. The first group on the guided walk who set out to the heart of the fen on Four Acres were not anticipating any sightings, but returned in late morning with brightening skies and glimpses of the sun sufficient for them to have seen a Swallowtail.

A succession of walks were held throughout the day to ensure around 60 visitors could enjoy the improving conditions. Swallowtails began to show themselves in good numbers from lunchtime onwards, resulting in some satisfying close-up views of this beauty of the insect world.

The day was also successful in terms of donations and sales, and sincere thanks go to Butterfly Conservation for the combined effort in making the day possible. We very much look forward to this year's repeat on Sunday 15th June, from 10.00am.

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